Solar power for developing countries

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Solar panels place at De Kubus

kubus-takelenAmersfoort May 8, 2013. The solar panels have been placed at Primary School De Kubus, our first Dutch SolarSchool. Employees of Eneco Installation Company placed 60 solar panels, which cover the roof.

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Tina and the solar battery charging station

Sre Ampil, March 2015. This is Tina with her baby-boy David. She was trained by PicoSol as a solar entrepreneur in 2011, and in 2013 Tina and her family came in charge of the newly opened solar battery charging station in Lvea Em.

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Peter and Chris book progress

amuca-dreamteamLira, May 14, 2013. In Uganda, progress is booked at the clean water project for the Amuca community. The water tower is nearing completion, the location of the water source is determined and also very important: The village counselors gave their blessings. Every day, the Amuca population looks forward to the realization of the long-awaited water supply.

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