Solar power for developing countries

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PicoSol's work would not be possible without sponsors, partners, subsidy providers, and people who support us with human capacity and good advises.

Partners and co-operation

ETC Foundation (Leusden) supports the establishment of a solar training programme in Cambodia, with funding and professional coaching paid by their Technical Training Programme (TTP).   etc-logo
Rajori Foundation (Utrecht) supports some villages at the Papua island Biak. In 2007 en 2010 we jointly carried out projects, resulting in water supply systems for the villages Sowek and Sawendi.  rajori
Wht the company Esyst (Zwolle) we co-operate in the SolarSchools program. Esyst is specialized in providing ICT-solutions for schools. For schools in developing countries, they supply appropriate and customized solutions with energy efficient computers with remote service.   esyst-logo
Kamworks is the Cambodian solar company that we helped to establish in 2006. Since 2008 we co-operate in a fruitful way with this innovative company.   kamworks-logo
Babungo Foundation (Monnickendam) supports the Cameroon hospital Babungo Integrated Health Centre. In 2010 we co-operated with this organization on the realization of a solar power supply.   babungo
Relief Fund Kyoga (Doorn) supports developing projects in Kumi, Uganda. In 2008-2010 we put the basis for a techncial project for the renovation and development of Kumi Hospital's power supply. The project has been realized during the succeeding period in 2011-2012. kyoga
In co-operation with housing company De Alliantie, the Amsterdam Environmental Educational Centre Anmec, and the Lutheranian Diaconial Centre, PicoSol is involved in the solar educational project "A place under the sun". About 15 Amsterdam primary school classes do participate. The project takes three years.
The association Sustainable Soesterkwartier initiates sustainability projects in the Amersfoort city quarter Soesterkwartier. The association is established in the same building as PicoSol (the Samenwerkplaats). We partner in the first pilot project SolarSchools, together with the local primary school De Kubus. duurzaam-soesterkwartier


Net4Kids Foundation supports charity projects with children in developing countries. Net4Kids supports two or our projects: The pilot SolarSchools and the development of the Solar Campus to a vocational training centre. net4kids
Co-workers and employees of technical installation company Joulz collect money for PicoSol projects in Cambodia and Papua. This most probably will result in a structural social partnership between Joulz and PicoSol. joulz
Triodos Foundation provided a loan guarantee fund that will facilitate our activities with starting-up village entrepreneurs in Cambodia. triodos
The Energy for All partnership (initiated by the ADB) provided financial support to the project 'A business in a box for Cambodian solar rental entrepreneurs'.   e4all
NL Agency provides a subsidy from the Deay Ouwens Fund to two of our Cambodian projects: The realization of  showcase-projects (2010) and the development of our training programme (2011-2012).  agencynl
Environmental student assocation Storm (Utrecht University) organized several fundraising activities in 2011 en 2012 to provide funding for our activities to build-up solar power supplies for the river guards who protect the fresh water dolphins in the Mekong river.  storm
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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Support a village entrepreneur!