Solar power for developing countries

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PiicoSol's ultimate aim is that a sound market for solar energy will be developed in our project countries. Our dream is that solar panels will be used at large scale as a logical and credible solution. This will result in a broad development of the rural areas, in an environmental sound way.

Vision and strategy

From the start, PicoSol focuses to projects with a community interest. The advantages of solar power will be introduced to people living in remote villages. We demonstrated and still do the added value of solar power.


In Cambodia, we left this strategy. We noticed that the market at a national level will not be developed by a fistful of demonstration systems. We studied on the most optimal role for us as a NGO to build up a sector. In Cambodia we found that the market is mainly determined by the activities of a small amount of companies who mainly go for themselves. Most of them are established in the capital Phnom Penh. The countires capillary system is hardly reached by them. From this analysis, we formulated our vision of PicoSol 2.0, transferring our focus from demonstration projects to market development activities.

Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses, we formulated two objectives to focus from 2011 onwards, to start in Cambodia. A similar formula could also be used for the construction of a program in other countries.

1. Solar market development: To take away barriers those cause the stagnation of further distribution of solar solutions in the rural areas. This core activity is subdivisioned to the following activities:

o Building up capacity of organizations and human beings to contribute to this market development.
o Setting up a network of village entrepreneurs who will market and distribute solar powered products.
o Carrying out awareness raising campaigns to educate rural people on the advantages of solar energy.

2. SolarSchools: Setting up structural and long lasting relationships between Dutch and Cambodian schools, with educative elaboration of cross-cultural relationships. This core activity can be regarded as a logical continuation of last year's strategy, focusing to demonstration projects.


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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

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