Solar power for developing countries

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eelco-victorEelco provided power to a hospital

During the summer of 2010, Eelco built a few solar energy systems for the Babungo Integrated Health Centre in Cameroon.

At the 10the of July 2010 Eelco Haarsma flew from Bruxelles to Douale. From this Cameroon capital, he drove far into the Cameroon bush-bush to the mystical Babungo Valley. The aim of his journey: To provide a solar power supply to the Babungo Integrated Health Centre (BIHC) by installing three stand-alone hybrid solar power systems. Co-workers and employees of the BIHC, residents from the neighborhood and even prychatric patients supported him to build the systems. 

"Ik find it important to use my knowledge and skills for the good purpose", says Eelco, "and for that reason I like to contribute to PicoSol projects. Moreover, I have the rule in my company to use 5% of my profit to enable these kinds of projects. "  

babungo"For me it was an honour to be able to co-operate with people like John Tumenta, who provides medical and psychological care to the Babungo community. Solar power enables the hospital to grow in quality. Power for lighting and refridgeration. Not to cool beer of course, but to cool life saving medicines. To cool vaccins to prevent infectious diseases for children. 

Together with installer Victor Njini, I worked for some weeks in Babungo, installing systems. I trained the people who will maintain the technology at the right way. This work is so important! "

The project brought Eelco to a conclusion, that almost could be PicoSol's slogan: "Solar power: connecting worlds, improving lives!"


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