Solar power for developing countries

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mikeMike built a house for PicoSol

During the spring of 2011, Mike Otten volunteered for PicoSol in Cambodia. He got the assignment to build a Cambodian style training house for practical training sessions.

"Cambodia is a sunny country with plenty of opportunities for solar energy. PicoSol demonstrates the success stories and provides good information to the local people. I am asked even to improve this education. To demonstrate the way how solar energy works. I also supervise the construction of a training house, where students can practice the installation of solar energy systems."

upgrade-solar-campus-mike-sopheapMike enjoyed his assignment because he was the right person at the right place.  

"After my secundary school time I started an education to become a physics teacher. With this diplome in my pocket, I practiced to be a teacher during a year, what I liked. Nevertheless, I missed some hectics in my job and I became more and more interesed in management and economics. With lots of enthusiasm, motivation and lack of sleep, I clinged to a master-education of business sciences at Nyenrode University. In January 2010 I got my desired piece of paper. I found a great match between my capacities and interest and PicoSol's demands."

During his stay in Cambodia, Mike replaced his local supervisor Mira, PicoSol's country manager at that time. Mira had to focus to a medical adventure caused by a complex bone fracture. Mike was the lucky element during this unlucky situation. Not only the house was erected during the period (what in fact was a mission impossilble), but also the rest of the organization stayed operational.  

"I conclude that it was a pleasure to contribute to PicoSol at many frontlines. It's a great time to look back to, and a fruitful period in my starting carreer" 

zonnekoningu  At the end of Mikes mission, the training house was commissioned during an opening ceremony. For that occasion, Mike was crowned to the Solar King.

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