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mila-foto3Mila designs an educational programme 

Educationalist Mila Bom worked for a graduation assignment in 2012.

During this period, Mila investigated in the framework of the pilot project SolarSchools "The influence of cultural factors to an educational programme for co-operation between a Dutch and Cambodian school". 

"In my profession, I mainly like designing. During this project, I got the opportunity to design an educational programme for two completely different countries. I liked to investigate how cultureal differences influence the lessons. I also liked to co-operate with different schools and different people. Especially the Cambodian part of my project was interesting for me. I got the opportunity to experience classes in another country and to listen to a teacher's vision from another culture."

"The project was successfull. For the first time, I made lesson plans by myself. It was a compliment for me that the teachers found them clear and useful. The lessons went well. The pupils sent own pictures and drawings to each other. We discussed them by Skype. Of course there is space for improvements. In Cambodia we missed some variety, and in the Netherlands the pupils wanted to have more contact with Cambodia. But realising that the website was tested for the very first time, the project was very successful. Some of the assignments in Cambodia (like making pictures) were done much better than I expected and even hoped. "

"I learned from the project how large cultural differences can be. And what consequences they have. Planning in Cambodia is challenging, what sometimes restricted me during the project. Through continuous discussion and perseverance, I managed to let the lessons taking place at the right times and places. Also the development level from both countries was so different. It was so challenging to give one single assignment to two different countries that was understandable for everybody. I learned that you just should try to find out. Even if people tell you that it will definitely not succeed, sometimes it succeeds!. An example is to make drawingts in Cambodia. They can! Furthermore, I saw how useful such a project can be for Cambodian pupils. Teaching ICT-skills will provide them a good perspective for the future. I noticed that they really liked it and want to study. Especially this part of the SolarSchools project is important. Pupils get a better perspective, and besides, they can communicate with the Netherlands to give something in return to us. "

mila-kubus solarschools-sre-ampil
Mila with kids from the Dutch primary school De Kubus Cambodian children from the Peaceful Children's Home 


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