Solar power for developing countries

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niek-van-baalenNiek develops the website

The SolarSchools website is developed in co-operation with Esyst and volunteer Niek van Baalen. Niek presents himself below.

In 2011 we came into contact with Niek, who is a sociologist with lots of experience in databases. We discussed his capacities to develop a website that will facilitiate the communication between kids from different cultures. In his workable life, Niek already programmed more websites and databases. Since his retirement, he uses these capacities for several organizations.


 Niek's "pictowriter" enables kids to send short messages in pictogrammes. 

From his residence in Amsterdam, Niek spent hours and hours to build the website. Several obstacles needed to be conquered. How do kids from different cultures and languages communicate via internet on their daily life? This could be possible with pictures, movies, drawings, but it's also possible to write small chats with picto's. Niek managed it to build a tool that is able to fulfill all these desires..

“For me, SolarSchools is a nice and challenging project. I apply many new opportunities provided by the technical developments. It is nice to co-operate with PicoSol and Esyst in an inspiring context.”, says Niek.

The pilot project was realized with one school partnership. The challenge is to build a web tool that will facilitate many school partnerships in the future. This requires smart programming, what is in good hands at Niek. 

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