Solar power for developing countries

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PicoSol was established in 1999 by a group of enthusiastic volunteers committed to development co-operation. They provide their know-how and energy to the foundation for free.

giel-linthorstGiel Linthorst works as senior consultant at Ecofys. As project leader he is involved in various energy saving campaigns, both for domestic and commercial purposes. In 2007 he built his first solar pump at the most remote site of this world. At PicoSol, he is the chairman. His personal motive: Life is more beautiful with clean energy.


maike-ouwerkerkSecretary Maike Ouwerkerk works in daily life at  KNMG, a lobby organization for doctors. Before this, whe consulted organizations on educational issues. As graduated physics teacher, she became involved in educational projects. She also learned to know PicoSol's materials. Since then, she is a valuable team member, because PicoSol more and more focuses to capacity building projects. Since 2010, Maike is secretary.  

ewout-vanderbeekTreasurer Ewout van der Beek works in daily life at Ecofys as consultant. He advises on sustainable use of energy at companies and authorities. During his education Energy Technology & Policy at University Eindhoven, the colleges on 'Technology for Development' took his interest on technology as a means to solve problems in developing countries. He currently is involved in the project "A business in a box for Cambodian village entrepreneurs".

peter-scheijgrondDesigner Peter Scheijgrond works in the field of tidal power. At PicoSol Peter leaded several projects successfully: The solar pumps in Twabidi (Ghana) and Sowek (Papua). Peter distinguishes himself with a practical attitude, great ability to improvise and vigorous way of taking action.


ronald-frankenRonald Franken got his experience in solar energy at Utrecht University. In 2006 he got a degree in thin film solar cells. After years of research in this expertise, he is currently working at Atrivé as solar energy consultant. His working area is over the whole world, from Senegal to Abu Dahbi and back in Holland. His tropical experiences are from 2003 (Ghana) and 2011 (Suriname). Since 2013 Ronald is also chairman of the solar department of ODE, the Dutch Organization for Renewable Energy, implying a more Dutch focus in his activities.

aad-gordijnAad Gordijn came in touch with thin film solar cells as physics student. In the period 2001-2005 he did his PhD at Utrecht University. He investigated vacuum processes for the deposition of micro crystalline silicon. Since 2005 he is scientific fellow at Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany. At PicoSol he is responsible for the semi-annual newsletter. Aad's personal motive: Clean energy from now on. 

henry-degooijerHenry de Gooijer is consultant in the field of energy in developing countries. In 1999 he established PicoSol, where he set-up the Cambodian program. The establishment of solar company Kamworks in 2006 and NGO Pico Sol Cambodia in 2008 were important milestones. Currently, he is responsible for the Cambodian programme. His personal motive: Affordable solar power for everybody. 

angele-reindersProf. dr. Angèle Reinders works at Universities of Delft and Twente. During field research to solar home systems in Indonesia, she literally saw the light. Indeed, good designed and developed systems can improve life in the countryside! Currently, Angèle is involved in product design and innobation of renewable energy systems. Her personal motto: Empowering people....of course with solar power! 

robert-heuckelbachRobert Heuckelbach works as electric engineer at KEMA. He is mostly involved in low voltage problems, electric safety issues and damage investigations. From his electric engineering background Robert supports Pico Sol with practical activities regarding design and installation of solar systems at PicoSol. 

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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

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