Solar power for developing countries

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PicoSol has its own programme in Cambodia. In that country, we established our own first country organization. In some other developing countries, PicoSol offers its added value by co-operation with other development organisations.


Below you will find a selection of projects, partial running, partial realized.


Thanks to a growing basis of committed people and organizations, PicoSol is able to realize its solar mission in developing countries. In order to maintain and to strengthen our base in the Dutch society, we have a variety of activities. Below, you find some selected examples

For news from the Netherlands, please click HERE.

position-cambodiaPicoSol's activities in Cambodia offer us a good case to learn how to provide our added value: To start by realizing a number of pilot projects, in order to become familliar with the country, and to continue with building up capacity in the field of solar energy. With this capacity we will be able to establish bigger projects and to introduce solar energy as the most logical and sustainable energy option. Below some selected projects are found. For news from Cambodia, please click  HERE.

position-papuaIn West-Papua (the Indonesian part of Papua, the former Irian Jaya) we co-operate with Stichting Rajori, a Dutch foundation that supports several projects at the island of Biak (North to the main island). In 2007 a village water supply has been established for Sowek village. In 2010 a second solar pump has been placed near Sawendi, the next village. For news from West-Papua, please click HERE .

position-ugandaIn Uganda, we co-operate with Kyoga Relief Fund, a Dutch foundation with a support programme in Kumi, East Uganda. In the period 2008-2012 we contributed to the formulation and realization of an energy project at Kumi Hospital, aiming to refurbish the energy system and save energy of Kumi Hospital. This challenging project has been realized under auspician of Ouke en Hanneke Dijkstra in 2011-2012, who moved to the place for 18 month as volunteers. 

In 2013, we will set-up a clean water project near Lira, a provincial town north-east to Kumi.

For news from Uganda, please click HERE.

position-cameroonIn Cameroon we co-operate with Stichting Babungo, a Dutch foundation supporting the Babungo Integrated Health Centre. In 2010 a few solar systems have been installed. Eelco Haarsma has been involved in these projects as supervisor.

For news from Cameroon, please click HERE

position-ghanaIn Ghana we co-operate with Stichting Tro-Tro, a Dutch foundation with own development programme in the region of Hwidiem. In 2005 the first project has been commissioned: A village water supply for the village of Twabidi. In 2010 a second project, in the village of Owusukrum, succeeded, also a water supply system with a solar pump.

For news from Ghana, please click HERE.

position-surinameIn Suriname PicoSol co-operated with Totomboti Foundation (Den Bosch). In 2011 the Marron Museum in Pikin Slee has been provided with solar panels. Till today, this has been the first project. 


For news from Suriname, please click HERE.

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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

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