Solar power for developing countries

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position-cambodiaPicoSol's activities in Cambodia offer us a good case to learn how to provide our added value: To start by realizing a number of pilot projects, in order to become familliar with the country, and to continue with building up capacity in the field of solar energy. With this capacity we will be able to establish bigger projects and to introduce solar energy as the most logical and sustainable energy option. Below some selected projects are found. For news from Cambodia, please click  HERE.

ondernemerSolar energy companies that want to contribute to rural electrification face a mission impossible. PicoSol going to help them. 

solarschools-nlThe sun connects children around the globe. Children not only make use of the same sun, but thanks to solar power, children can learn from each other, across the boundaries of culture, language, and countries. 

kamworks-cmsc-1How do you sell a solar panel to a poor family, who never saw one? That's almost a mission impossible! 

mekong-dolphinPicoSol supports the "River Dolphin Commission" to enable them to protect the unique freshwater dolphins in the Mekong River.

lego-1As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined. We think you never start too soon with technical education if you want to create professionals. 

solar-campus-1At the Solar Campus, the PicoSol vocational training centre for solar power, several applications of solar energy are demonstrated.

zonnelantaarn-verkopenPicoSol Cambodia is involved in a project where village entrepreneurs are trained to rent out LED lanterns on solar energy in their village.

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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Support a village entrepreneur!