Solar power for developing countries

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Thanks to a growing basis of committed people and organizations, PicoSol is able to realize its solar mission in developing countries. In order to maintain and to strengthen our base in the Dutch society, we have a variety of activities. Below, you find some selected examples

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picosol-marktThansk to a growing supporting base in the Netherlands of involved people and organizations, PicoSol is able to fulfill its solar mission in develooping countries. 

tournesolMany people know PicoSol from the Tournesol, the solar sunflower that runs on solar energy.  

altaarAll over Amsterdam, school kids discover the power of the sun. They learn how we can make use of energy, here and in developing countries. 

logopicosol kleurWith this project, we tell the outside world about our efforts to develop PicoSol to a professional organization.

ijmond-zonne-energieThe Environmental Counsel IJmond took the initiative to offer the PicoSol lessons to at least 50 schools in several regions of the Province of North Holland.

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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

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