Solar power for developing countries

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News from Ghana

position-ghanaIn Ghana we co-operate with Stichting Tro-Tro, a Dutch foundation with own development programme in the region of Hwidiem. In 2005 the first project has been commissioned: A village water supply for the village of Twabidi. In 2010 a second project, in the village of Owusukrum, succeeded, also a water supply system with a solar pump. For projects in Ghana, please click HERE.

twabidi-kids-bucketsUtrecht, summer of 2005. A video report has been made on the construction of the solar pump in Twabidi.

owusukromOwusukrom, October 2009. A second solar pump has been installed in Ghana, in the village of Owusukrom.

ghana-girl-waterIn the summer of 2005, Joep Niermeijer and Annemiek Hilberink, two students mechanical engineering from Delft, evaluated the water project in Twabidi.

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