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News from Uganda

position-ugandaIn Uganda, we co-operate with Kyoga Relief Fund, a Dutch foundation with a support programme in Kumi, East Uganda. In the period 2008-2012 we contributed to the formulation and realization of an energy project at Kumi Hospital, aiming to refurbish the energy system and save energy of Kumi Hospital. This challenging project has been realized under auspician of Ouke en Hanneke Dijkstra in 2011-2012, who moved to the place for 18 month as volunteers. For projects in Uganda, please click HERE.

amuca-dreamteamLira, May 14, 2013. In Uganda, progress is booked at the clean water project for the Amuca community. The water tower is nearing completion, the location of the water source is determined and also very important: The village counselors gave their blessings. Every day, the Amuca population looks forward to the realization of the long-awaited water supply.

amuca-kidsAmersfoort - Lira, 3rd December 2012. The preparations for a clean water project in Uganda started up. In 2013, a large primary school and the community around will be provided by a solar pump system.

kumi-voortgangKumi, december 2011. The Energy Project of Kumi Hospital is halfway. Good results have been booked last months. 

peter-chrisAmersfoort / Rotterdam / Kampala, March 2013. Energy infrastructure company Joulz gave the project "Clean drinking water for Amuca community" a big push in the right direction. End of 2012, the company chose this project as a pilot for development of structural cooperation with PicoSol. Development organization Impulsis gave the final push to enable green light to this project.

Peter and Chris prepare the project at the Joulz canteen, Rotterdam

kumi-opening-esco-2Kumi, september 2012. The energy project at Kumi Hospital has been completed successfully. After 16 months of hard working, Ouke en Hanneke returned to Holland.

kumi-oukeKumi, April 2011. Since early April, Hanneke en Ouke live in Kumi, East Uganda, to supervise the energy project in Kumi Hospital. They intend to stay for a year.

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