Solar power for developing countries

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kumi-oukeKumi, April 2011. Since early April, Hanneke en Ouke live in Kumi, East Uganda, to supervise the energy project in Kumi Hospital. They intend to stay for a year.

The project is located in Kumi Hospital, a hospital in the countryside near the town of Kumi. By lowering the hospital’s energy bill will enable them to increase the quality of the medical care. Around the hospital, approximately 150 employees live with their families. Until about a year ago, they got power from the hospital, but due to unpaid bills, the power has been cut-off. The intention is to introduce a prepaid energy system to the staff. An ESCo (Energy Service Company) should be established, to organize it. Apart from the technology, this will be the main challenge of the project.


During this period of one year, Hanneke will also be involved in a project, related to medical care. With her socio-educational background, she will give her added value to a child-rehabilitation program.

To shape the ESCo and energy saving measures, Ouke and Hanneke started to look for companies that could play a role. They for example, had discussions in Kampala with solar companies Barefoot Power and Ultratec. Also the national energy board (Umeme) will be contacted.


Ouke and Hanneke leave behind a period of intensive preparation. It's not an everyday decision to work as a volunteer for a year in Africa. They both had to separate from a permanent job. Their house should be rented-out for a year.

The project had a festive start on the construction site with music, dancing and speeches. The hospital staff is hopefully looking forward to a future. After more than a year without electricity, they look forward to get power again.

For getting more info on Ouke and Hanneke’s stay, please have also a look at their blog:

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Solar panels place at De Kubus

kubus-takelenAmersfoort May 8, 2013. The solar panels have been placed at Primary School De Kubus, our first Dutch SolarSchool. Employees of Eneco Installation Company placed 60 solar panels, which cover the roof.

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Tina and the solar battery charging station

Sre Ampil, March 2015. This is Tina with her baby-boy David. She was trained by PicoSol as a solar entrepreneur in 2011, and in 2013 Tina and her family came in charge of the newly opened solar battery charging station in Lvea Em.

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Peter and Chris book progress

amuca-dreamteamLira, May 14, 2013. In Uganda, progress is booked at the clean water project for the Amuca community. The water tower is nearing completion, the location of the water source is determined and also very important: The village counselors gave their blessings. Every day, the Amuca population looks forward to the realization of the long-awaited water supply.

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