Solar power for developing countries

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kikkerAs volunteer organization, we would like to offer you a customized and appropriate task that fits to your personal style and talents.   

To to on mission for PicoSol

Occasionally, we are asked by development organisations to support a project in a far country. We can answer to these requests positively with a second opinion on a project-description, with our opinion on received quotations on solar energy systems. Sometimes, if there is a good reason for and funding is available, we go further. We can send out somebody to supervise projects on site. Such persons go as a volunteer and are compensated on costs they make. We have a severe selection before we invest in such people. After we found the right candidate, we coach such a person intensively in his or her preparations. 


Sometimes persons offer a special talent or opportunity, like graduate students. If their skills and interests are in line with our projects or activities, it could lead to a nice assignment. We put many efforts in such projects to come to results with joint interests. Every year, we host several students, like industrial designers, educationalists, business administration. .

Praktical assistance

Persons who want to provide their energy at accessible way, are most welcome. We think of:  

  • Sometimes we prepare a shipment. Materials need to be packed in voyage-proof boxes
  • There is much demand for Tournesols. Every week, we have a special flower-day. Carton boxes with Tournesols are sent to schools and others. We look for somebody who likes to do these logistics. 
  • We look for somebody who can design graphically, for flyers, brochures and so. 

Do you like to support our mission with your human capacity? Please have a look at our vacancy-page!

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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Support a village entrepreneur!