Solar power for developing countries

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dorpsondernemersmallSupport our village entrepreneur program and bring Power to the People!

Through the village entrepreneurs program PicoSol switches on the sun for the development of the Cambodian countryside. The program builds on the recent success that resulted into a network of 50 active village entrepreneurs in three provinces. Thanks to your support we can strengthen this network to hundreds of village entrepreneurs, creating access to affordable energy for thousands of families in remote villages.

shs-familyHow does it work?

At provincial level, we co-operate with established organizations to select motivated individuals willing to enter into this adventure. They regularly get one-day trainings. Moreover, during the first year they learn to practice their skills under close supervision of PicoSol. The training is done with a number of solar products that are relatively cheap, such as a lamp and a phone charger.

After this year, the village entrepreneurs will continue in his development on the basis of a personal plan. PicoSol continues to support them with logistics, marketing and administration.

installerIt costs €600 for one person to be trained and coached to a graduate village entrepreneur, taking into account the dropouts. During the first year, we also focus to their suitability. Our experiences show that about half will stop halfway.

You can support the PicoSol village entrepreneur program by donating us.

On our website we will publish the performances of the entrepreneurs at group size.


ve-1In Cambodia, about 14 million people live. Three quarters of them live in villages in rural areas and have no access to electricity. It is more than 2 million families. The majority of them will never get a connection.

Great opportunities for solar energy, you might say. The sun shines every day! Solar panels are becoming more affordable! Unfortunately, the few pioneering solar companies do not have the capital and short term interest to invest in this consumer market. Realizing the barriers they face, this is understandable:

  • Solar energy is hardly known to the target group.
  • Clientele is in remote villages, where logistics costs are high.
  • Here, there is also a lack of knowledge to service and maintain of products and systems.
  • The purchase costs of a solar energy systems or products are quite high.

All relevant thresholds. It is a pity, because solar power is generated where people need it. Electricity provides an opportunity to these people to get out of their poverty. This opportunity remains unexploited.

PicoSol considers it as a challenge. With you, we invest in enterprising village residents. We build a network to introduce solar energy in the villages. The village entrepreneurs get professional training from PicoSol that provides them all the luggage to sell and service products and systems.

PicoSol co-operates with suppliers. We aim to build up a healthy market situation that will benefit everyone.

The plan will bring solar energy within the reach of the villagers. It provides a solution to each of the thresholds:

  • With the entrepreneurs, we carry out campaigns to raise awareness on the opportunities.
  • We support the village entrepreneurs with training, marketing and logistics.
  • Through co-operation with a bank we spread out the initial cost over a period.

Thanks to your support, we can extend the network to many other remote provinces, resulting in employment for hundreds of village entrepreneurs and access to reliable and sustainable energy for many thousands of families!


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Village entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Support a village entrepreneur!