Solar power for developing countries

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Solar Power

kinderen-weeshuis-cambodja-zonnepanelenAt remote sites far away from the electricity mains, solar power can provide in a clever solution. 

en-system-layoutSolar power usually is associated with a sense of high-tech. In reality, it is quite simple and appropriate technology.

en-design-steps-solar-powerDesign of solar power system starts with a survey of needs and location data (step 1-3).

energy-efficiencyThe first, most logical, but also the most difficult question concerns the power demand.

autonomieThe system reliability is closely related to the system autonomy. How long is the sun supposed to stay behind the clouds maximal? 

irradiation-africaThe irradiation is obtained from the internet. The NASA developed a database for you.

en-system-configuration-dcThe general system lay-out is not by definition the most logical for your situation. 

batteryThe choice of the battery is crucial. 

solarpanelThe performance of a solar panel is expressed in Wp (Watt-peak). In this step, you determine the capacity you need. 

moneyPower from solar panels is more and more competitive to power "from the plug point". 

informationFor more information on solar power, we refer to the following websites: 

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